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Bethel Bekee

Bethel Bekee

CEO at Whip-smart service providers limited
Lagos , Nigeria

Mentorship Connection

This connection is free for all venture stages.

Four meetings per month

Unlimited chat, email, or text within boundaries.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor entrepreneurs and startups. My passion for fostering innovation and helping others realize their potential drives my interest in mentoring. My aim is to share my knowledge and experiences to guide new entrepreneurs as they navigate the complexities of building and growing a business.

My focus areas include:

1. Business Strategy and Planning: Helping startups develop comprehensive business plans, define their value propositions, and identify market opportunities.

2. Product Development and Innovation: Guiding teams through ideation, prototyping, and refining their products to effectively meet market needs.

3. Marketing and Growth: Providing insights on creating effective marketing strategies, leveraging digital channels, and implementing growth hacking techniques to scale their businesses.

4. Financial Planning and Fundraising: Offering advice on financial management, budgeting, and fundraising strategies to ensure sustainable growth and successful capital acquisition.

5. Leadership and Team Building: Assisting founders in developing strong leadership skills, fostering a positive company culture, and building high-performing teams.

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Geographic focus

Mentorship motivation

  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent

I am particularly interested in working with startups that leverage technology to solve real-world problems and drive positive change. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed and make a meaningful impact in their industries.

I look forward to collaborating with the next generation of innovators and contributing to their journeys toward success.