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Eva Magambo

Eva Magambo

Researcher/Consultant/Estate Manager at Professional Multi Consult
Kampala, Uganda

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Previously trained and served as a Mentor for Employers including World Learning Inc., Uganda Red Cross Society, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health (JHU). Was JHU Gold Interns Mentor in 2010/2011. Over the years, I have mentored over 100 staff in various disciplines (health management, organization and development) and 1,000+ women and girls at local and regional levels in managing small businesses, group formation and group functioning, governance, administration and management. Mentees have gone ahead to form groups which are built to last. Previous contribution and excellence in this aforementioned area is demonstrated by awards such as Kampala Capital City Authority Certificate of Recognition in empowering women and the Golden Jubilee Award presented to me on International Women’s day in 2020.

Above described experience inspires me to provide requisite services. Further, I am an enthusiast in women empowerment and their economic and overall development. I am strongly keen to serve in mentorship role, sharing rich knowledge and experience and contributing to building a cadre of global women achievers through supporting them to explore their passion, undertake research, self-discovery, establishing a niche, identifying and discovering opportunity, business acumen, adventure and risk taking and encouraging determination and hard work. Further, I am intent on contributing to prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV), through business mentoring and business success. Research has it that Economic Empowerment of women is a cornerstone to prevention and management of GBV.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up

Further to the explanation provided in above response (Interest and focus); Giving back is engrained in my upbringing; strengthened by the schooling and learning I opted for such as B.A Degree in Social Work and Social Administration and the recent Master in Global Bioethics- all which emphasized equity, problem solving, equality, inclusion and ethical principles such as fairness, do no harm, beneficence, the need for the rich to pay for their misdeeds such as environmental harm- through pollution by industrialized communities.

Mentoring role is also opportunity to encourage, share experience and the “Never Give Up” ideology (motto of my High School- Gayaza High School).