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Evelyn Castle

Evelyn Castle

Founder, CEO at eha Impact Ventures
Cape Town, South Africa

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Evelyn Castle is a pioneering health executive and impact investor. After spending a decade working in the health sector in Africa, she is now committed to building Africa’s impact investing ecosystem, with the specific goal of supporting female-owned small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the co-founder of 3 social ventures; eHealth Africa, EHA Clinics, and eha Impact Ventures, Evelyn Castle brings vast knowledge and expertise to her role supporting SMEs.

Evelyn, a California native, co-founded eHA in 2010 with Adam Thompson. She notably oversaw fundraising efforts that resulted in the organization drawing in over $250 million during a 10-year period, and also spearheaded initiatives that resulted in the eradication of polio from Nigeria and the containment of Ebola in West Africa.

In July 2018, Evelyn Castle entered the private healthcare industry and co-founded EHA Clinics, a network of primary health care providers, with the goal to become the premier healthcare provider in Nigeria.

At eHA and EHA Clinics, Evelyn saw firsthand the challenges with implementing projects and running companies in Africa — including infrastructure, security, human resources, and corruption challenges. She believes that aid can be an incredible resource to solving public health crises’ such as polio and ebola, but supporting the local economy and business ecosystem may be a better solution to achieving sustainable change within the region.

In service of this mission, Evelyn Castle is a venture investor through eha Impact Ventures, which she co-founded in January 2021. In addition to being a thought leader in impact investing, she frequently speaks about gender investing, social impact, and health tech in Africa at conferences and public forums.

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  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
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I am always open to looking at new investments, making connections, board seats, etc – however, that is not the reason I want to mentor. I want to mentor because that is how I feel I can make the biggest impact. I am able to support a fellow female entrepreneur to be successful and in addition, I always learn something and grow personally when I mentor someone. To me, it is a win-win.