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Gideon Jayeola Okuazun

Gideon Jayeola Okuazun

General Manager at Ventures Park
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Mentorship Connection

$500 /month
This connection is free for Idea/concept and startup venture stages.

Four meetings per month

Unlimited chat, email, or text within boundaries.

Usually responds in about 6 days


My name is Jayeola Okuazun. I have spent 8 years of my career working in the African startup ecosystem in different capacities. I have worked as a founding member of a startup, gone ahead to build my own startups- 2 of which failed. I have also built one which succeeded. I have worked in startup labs in different capacities as well, which has afforded me the opportunity to significantly contribute to the birth and growth of startups. When I ran Nigeria’s first and leading University-based Incubator Lab, I also began to make small investments.

I am now looking for more ways to invest in startups and how to be more effective with mentorship, as a capital.

I am interested in Agri-tech, ed-tech, mobility, shelter-tech, Web 3, and fintech. I have a lot to offer startups that are focused on these areas, as I have networks that will provide access to funding and markets for such startups

Spoken languages

English Yoruba

Mentorship motivation

  • I am looking for new investments
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

Along my career journey in the ecosystem, I have learned a number of things, and I believe that there is room for improvement. I know that by participating in this program, I have so much more to learn to further build my capacity to support more startups.

Beyond all of these aforementioned, I believe that it is more effective towards my contribution to the development of Africa to support more startup founders to survive and thrive. It is only then that the population of Africa will begin to work to our advantage, instead of against us.