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Karin Kanewske Turner

Karin Kanewske Turner

Chief Growth Officer at Aurum Institute
Johannesburg, South Africa

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I am drawn to this role because it aligns with my passion for innovation, sustainability and localisation.I. I am motivated by finding and leveraging emerging areas of growth and empowering others to create innovative approaches that build teams, organizations, and movements for change. My career has been guided by the mantra “a leader is only as good as the team behind them” and my actions of lifting others up to encourage local organizations to develop solutions tailored to their unique contexts rather than waiting for top-down directives. I enjoy working alongside diverse change leaders across many countries, including scientists, clinicians, researchers, advisors, interns, managers, civil servants, and NGO team members from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Not only have I pushed for more “locally-led projects”, but I have also encouraged diversity within those teams to ensure all voices are part of decision-making. I am excited to tap into the talent, but also grabbing the market share within broader funder initiatives while shifting power dynamics within the US domestic setting and from the US to the Global South.
Interested in the angel investment field and accelerating it across Africa. I can do so within our organisation our into other locally based organisation. I also have a strong network across funders globally and in the continent.

I am also very good at and extend myself into Mentorship. Started under SAYes, in Hout Bay South Africa, but have also helped under our affiliate Youth Health Africa.
Focus areas are business development, funding, application preparation or pitch preparation.
Can help in Health and Social Welfare areas of new ideas – have a strong network in agriculture, water sanitation and power

Also interested as an investor as well.

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  • I am looking for new investments
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

At my current executive role at the Aurum Institute, I spearhead community-centred initiatives to increase access to healthcare innovations, drive scientific research to improve health globally. I have developed strategic investment plans across countries, managing multi-million dollar portfolios connecting health, education, agriculture, governance, and economic growth. Critical targets focused on diversity, gender, inclusion and equity using community-led, human-
centred design approaches.From experience, I understand the power of investing in human-centered approaches to drive meaningful, sustainable change. I leverage my network to shift investment directions and level the playing field by directing grant funding to local organizations for maximum community impact. Throughout my career, I have elevated community-led solutions and catalyzed broader development shifts. Emerging shifts like climate change and AI will impact the funding focus on equity, sparking new dialogues and influencing global investment. I am excited to apply my experience driving strategic collaboration, advocating for community-powered solutions, mentoring new business leaders and adapting to this changing world.