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Laura Minde

Laura Minde

Founder and Managing Director at Outstanding Solutions LTD
Arusha, Tanzania

Mentorship Connection

This connection is free for all venture stages.

Two meetings per month

Unlimited chat, email, or text within boundaries.


With over 8 years of experience as a sales and marketing professional and an additional 8 years as an entrepreneur running my own business, Outstanding Solutions, I am well-equipped to offer invaluable guidance and insights as a mentor. My combined experiences in corporate management and entrepreneurial leadership have endowed me with a unique perspective and a wealth of practical knowledge that I am eager to share with aspiring professionals. Starting in the corporate world, I served as a sales and marketing manager for over 8 years. During this tenure, I honed my skills in strategic planning, client relationship management, and business development. Navigating through various industry challenges, I successfully implemented marketing campaigns and drove revenue growth for my organization. This experience furnished me with a robust foundation in sales and marketing principles, along with invaluable insights into corporate dynamics and market trends. I ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Outstanding Solutions Ltd. Over the subsequent 8 years, I guided my business through its inception, growth, and expansion phases with resilience and determination. Assuming multiple roles as a business owner, I oversaw operations, managed finances, led teams, and cultivated client relationships. This hands-on experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, encompassing aspects such as business strategy, branding and innovation.

Spoken languages

English Swahili

Mentorship motivation

  • I am looking for new investments
  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

What motivates me to mentor is rooted in my personal journey as an entrepreneur. Having traversed through numerous challenges and obstacles in establishing my own business, I am driven by a strong desire to serve as a guiding light for those embarking on similar paths. I recognize the invaluable role mentorship plays in providing individuals with the necessary tools, knowledge, and insights to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship effectively.

My own experiences have taught me the importance of having access to mentorship and guidance, especially during the initial stages of setting up a business. I am motivated by the opportunity to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a stepping stone towards success by sharing the lessons I’ve learned firsthand. By imparting practical advice, sharing insider experiences, and providing valuable resources, I aim to equip mentees with the information and confidence needed to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with clarity and purpose.