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Mary Mbugua

Mary Mbugua

CEO at Vivify Incubation International
Nairobi, Kenya

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I’m Mary Mbugua: I Empower Enterprises to Thrive
Passion, vision, and unwavering commitment define Mary Mbugua – an Eco-System Strategist, Community Connector, Business Mentor, and Coach. With 15+ years’ experience, Mary transitioned from microfinance to Independent Enterprise Consultancy, offering Business Development Support through training and mentoring.
About Mary
Standing at the forefront of change, Mary leverages design thinking to simplify entrepreneurship, providing Financial Business Support insights. Her mission elevates self-driven individuals through mentorship, coaching, and consulting, fostering connections for inspiration and growth.
Unlocking Potential
Mary’s transformative approach empowers individuals to align with purpose and achieve desired outcomes. Guided by proven methodologies, she reshapes perspectives and accountability.
Empowering through Expertise; Impact
As ILO Trainer, Mary impacts globally. Her roles with Cherie Blair Foundation, TEF, Equity Group, ABSA Bank, and more showcase dedication.
Passion for Solving and Innovating
Years of volunteering amplify Mary’s impact. Her focus spans assessing investee viability to market access, driving efficiency and sustainability.
Areas of Interest Mary’s journey reflects dedication to nurturing enterprises and innovation. Her attraction to startups and creative problem-solving drives commitment.
Mary’s dedication shines through, empowering businesses and startups to thrive, reflecting true passion for entrepreneurship and problem-solving.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

It is time to shine a light on the future skills, curriculum and vocational training; which are needed in the evolving global economy. These need to be promoted by positive communication that will cause a mind-set shift.