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Mina Kerols

Mina Kerols

Co-Founder and GM at TalkStartUp
Cairo, Egypt

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Mina Kerols have +7 experience in venture building, startups incubation, Business development, Market Analysis. worked as a visiting lecturer at multiple universities and a startup mentor. In addition to his previous roles as an assistant lecturer and entrepreneurship advisor for university competitions such as the Holt South Valley Award, the Arab Youth Entrepreneurship Forum Competition at Alexandria University, and many other competitions. Mina also helped many startups inside and outside Egypt and was honored by the One World Summit for Young Leaders in the United Kingdom as one of the influential entrepreneurs in the Arab world and the Middle East. He is highly sought after as a public speaker at entrepreneurship events.

Mina’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Creativity Management from the National Institute for Intellectual Property Rights at Helwan University in 2023. Mina also holds diplomas in feasibility studies and project evaluation from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, and management and development of financial resources for government institutions and non-profit organizations from the same faculty, in addition to Business Sustainability from Lumsa University in Italy. He has published numerous articles on improving the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt, with research interests including business process management in startups, and simulation. Business processes, process improvement, and intellectual property in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and e-government.

Mina’s experience received media attention, as he conducted interviews on Egyptian television and radio discussing the role of entrepreneurship in creating job opportunities, the relationship between entrepreneurship and scientific research, how to transform graduation projects into startup companies, and empowering youth.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent

My goal to spread concepts of entrepreneurship in poor areas in Egypt. focus is helping students and refugees understand how to apply entrepreneurship based on the SDG’s within their graduation projects and local projects for refugees so that they can obtain a financial resource that will ensure their livelihood.

I seek to leave impact. Currently, I have a virtual community includes +3,000 entrepreneurs from Middle east. Through these community, we work to exchange experiences, meetups, partnerships while also providing support to these students and refugees in securing the funding and investment necessary to realize their innovative ideas.

So, I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up, I have faced many challenges and difficulties in my journey, and had it not been for the help of my advisors, I would not have succeeded. My first startup company failed, and after that I worked in my advisor’s company to gain experience that allowed me to build my company again.