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Minhaj Mariam

Minhaj Mariam

Marrakech, Morocco

Mentorship Connection

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With a PhD in the chemistry of natural substances, I have built up my academic expertise over the years with a Master’s degree specializing in the production and valorization of natural substances and biopolymers, as well as a Bachelor’s degree focusing on the valorization of Morocco’s local products and know-how. Thanks to this comprehensive training, I have focused my career on developing local resources as a consultant, promoting local products and authentic Moroccan know-how.

At the same time, I co-founded the M4Nature brand, which stands out for its flagship products such as cactus tea and natural cosmetics. My commitment to innovation is also reflected in the fact that I hold two patents in the field of local product development, demonstrating my desire to contribute to the development and promotion of Morocco’s natural resources.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up

What motivates me to become a mentor is, above all, the possibility of having a positive, tangible impact on the careers of entrepreneurs and startups. Having benefited from mentoring myself throughout my career, I’m convinced of its importance in the professional and personal development of individuals.

By sharing my knowledge, experience and network with promising entrepreneurs, I aim to help them overcome the challenges they may face, avoid common pitfalls and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. I firmly believe in the value of mentoring in the acquisition of practical skills, the development of self-confidence and the creation of solid professional networks.
What’s more, as a mentor, I also have the opportunity to deepen my own mentoring, business and leadership skills.