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Neme Agbai

Neme Agbai

Team lead at Santa Fair Afrique
Enugu, Nigeria

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In 2018, I had just finished a mini MBA with Fate Foundation, I had two striking realities from the training, one was that other regions in Nigeria assume that Southeastern businesses were dead because we didn’t have a voice and the second was, there weren’t structured business communities in Southeast Nigeria.

There was need to bridge these gaps and create significant change in the entrepreneurial eco system in my immediate environment by creating voices for entrepreneurs and building communities for networking and collaborations.

I started by enlightening a team of few women in the need for the above mentioned just how I had learnt from the training and in turn these few women became my partners as I led them to set out on a mission to mentor other women owned businesses in Nigeria, starting from Enugu.
This is seven years later since the inception of this mentorship journey, and our core goal have been profound; helping women owned SMEs gain visibility and compete in the global market by leveraging on one another.

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  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up

I am super excited every time I have an opportunity to give back to another business owner who is just beginning their entrepreneurial journey or struggling at it.
This is because I have come to realize that entrepreneurship is the foundation of every country’s economy.
So to build our country’s economy, more entrepreneurs should be forged and encouraged.