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Oluwatoyin Ademola

Oluwatoyin Ademola

Chief Growth Officer at SkillSultants
Lagos, Nigeria

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I am referred to as the Chief Growth Officer in a young & vibrant coaching  & consulting business that focuses on strategic growth and business transformational sustainability within organizations, teams, and individuals, by empowering our clients with tools and strategies for growth and allowing clients to specify their own defined level of success through value-based coaching.

I equip individuals with the tools to see, reach, achieve and exceed their goals using the V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch Methodology.  I specialize in strategic intelligence and planning, business transformation, and collaborative culture. My executive track record with 25+ years of experience in the corporate sector ( with a focus on market growth ), has produced exceptional bottom-line results in multi-million-dollar business units and has allowed my clients a 100% return on Investment, Impact, interaction and input.

I am a high-profile certified and accredited senior executive and professional Facilitator/Mentor/Coach extensively experienced in delivering bold marketing, communications, and business development programs for leaders and businesses

An Innovative Coach, Mentor and creator ( Owner & creator of the V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch Methodology) and an exceptional communicator who excels in cross-cultural and multicultural coaching and the impact of its influences on professional development and leveraging relationships with senior corporate and public leaders.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up

There are several reasons why I have chosen to become a mentor and coach :

Mentoring provides an opportunity for personal growth by helping both contracting parties in self-development and awareness. Mentoring is my way of making a positive impact on another person’s life, by sharing knowledge and experiences that can help them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. It’s also my way of sharing and co-creating value by giving back to one’s community or industry by supporting and empowering the next generation of professionals.

Overall, mentoring is a rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee, and has a long-term sustainable positive impact on personal and professional development.