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Rana Mohsen

Rana Mohsen

Managing Director at Marklinica
Alexandria, Egypt

Mentorship Connection

$300 /month
This connection is free for Idea/concept and startup venture stages.

Three meetings per month

Unlimited chat, email, or text within boundaries.


I was graduated from the College of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing. I gained expertise through various roles within corporate entities and agencies, eventually discovering my passion for digital marketing and branding.
Over 12 years, I have been responsible for digital marketing consultation for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other medical enterprises in different regions.
In January 2017, I established my own agency, “Marklinica”, for healthcare digital marketing and branding solutions. Marklinica has ascended to become an industry leader in medical digital marketing, packaging and communications in Egypt and the MENA region.
Currently I work as a strategist and brand development consultant for healthcare NGOs in the GCC and the United States. My work has been featured on global platforms such as “Ads of the World,” “Packaging of the World,” and “WBDS” several times.
In 2019, I initiated a series of online awareness episodes titled “AlMorestan”, addressing various mental health issues and subsequently became a member of the Global Shapers community, to work on various mental health projects and make a societal impact.
In addition to my responsibilities at Marklinica Agency, I’m a mentor at the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN) Program, by Business Egypt/ DAI – USAID since 2019. Through this program, I
offered mentorship to more than 250 women entrepreneurs, and over 100 startups, assisting them in navigating challenging market variables, building strong business pillars and inspiring other female entrepreneurs to stay focused on their dreams despite any society or family struggles.
Furthermore, I’m a mentor at the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET), an Australian network dedicated to empowering women in the energy sector through interdisciplinary networking, advocacy, and training.

Spoken languages

Arabic English

Mentorship motivation

  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

I am passionate about being a mentor because I believe in the power of collaboration and support in the entrepreneurial journey. Starting a business can be a lonely and challenging experience, and I want to be there to make a positive impact. By sharing my knowledge and experiences, I aim to help entrepreneurs navigate the ups and downs, ensuring they don’t feel alone in their efforts. My goal is to contribute to their success and alleviate their struggles. When I started my agency, ‘Marklinica,’ in 2017, I found myself completely alone. I faced numerous struggles and experienced several setbacks while striving to sustain and expand my business. Today, I am grateful that ‘Marklinica’ has emerged as one of the market leaders in healthcare marketing and branding. I am also thankful to be remembered by my mentees as someone who provided support throughout their journey.