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Roland Gilbertson

Roland Gilbertson

Business Analyst, Venture Coach & CEO at TheBiznesLab™
London, United Kingdom

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, I bring a “Different Kind of Thinking and Approach” to the table. As a Business Analyst, Venture Coach, and Growth Marketing Strategist, utilising data, trends, and analytics to solve complex problems in business models and uncover new opportunities.

I am passionate about developing scalable business that not only attract investment but also foster sustainable growth. My expertise lies in applying growth marketing strategies right from the product development stage, focussing on strategic customer and market segment analysis, enabling you to identify opportunities in the market and untapped team potential. This strategic approach allows you to concentrate on the most crucial functions, innovate effectively, build robust ventures, and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

As a Venture Coach, I get beneath the surface. Startups and established businesses often get entangled in day-to-day operations, missing out on transformative opportunities. My analytical skills, coupled with experience as a scrum master, allow me to dissect your business model, processes, and market dynamics to unveil untapped potential and guide you on optimising your strategies for maximum impact.

Whether you are starting up or an established entity aiming for growth, growth opportunities might manifest in optimising your supply chain, identifying unexplored target markets, or reimagining your product offerings. I will help you to identify these hidden trends so you can leverage them for sustainable growth.

I offer a structured approach to accelerating growth. Together, we outline actionable steps, providing you with a fresh perspective on your business. Through this process, we identify strengths and weaknesses, redefine your vision, and set clear, S.M.A.R.T goals. This roadmap not only helps you plan your route but enables you to adapt to emerging changes in the business landscape and respond effectively to market shifts and opportunities.

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As a Business Analyst,  Venture Coach & Growth Marketing Consultant providing quality deal flow for private equity investors, I am able to help founders uncover hidden potential within your business, identify new opportunities within their addressable markets, segments and partner with them to adopt the most important growth strategies that can attract investment and help most startups to scale.