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Wael Rashidy

Wael Rashidy

Managing Director at Guiders Consult
Cairo, Egypt

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Regular 1-on-1 calls per agreement with mentor

Unlimited chat, email, or text within boundaries.


I am an accredited S.M.E. business consultant with proven success stories guiding business owners to profitability and sustainability.
I am the managing director of Guiders Consult, a management consulting and market research company specializing in Corporate Governance and market research for investment assessment.
I am currently in the progress of a D.B.A. in Financial Management. In addition, I hold an M.B.A. specializing in corporate governance and an Accredited S.M.E. Business Consultant from the Association of Accredited Small.
I have solid experience in business consulting, market research, market studies and assessments, corporate governance, risk management, international investment assessment, business initiation, development, and sales management, through holding roles in multinational and international organizations, across the MENA region, with a proved track record of successful business deals in Japan, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Mentorship motivation

  • I am looking for new investments
  • I like to learn about industries and new businesses
  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up
  • I want to make new connections for myself and/or the organization I represent
  • I want to scout for new opportunities in engaging as an advisor or for a board seat

Discovering a new potential investment opportunities, and gaining new knowledge about different sectors.