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Yahal Otieno

Yahal Otieno

Managing Partner at Immobulous Tech
Nairobi, Kenya

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Hello, I am O.Yahal, I am marketing specialist with over 6yrs experience. Currently I am into writing entrepreneurship whitepapers and coaching SMEs in African. So far, I have mentored over 450 entrepreneurs across African. I am interested in helping entrepreneurs on how to go about starting and managing the right businesses that are sustainable. I am interested in marketing, human resource management and sales as a service. It took a mentor to get me where I am today and I believe that their are so many other entrepreneurs who need help just the same way I did when I was starting off.

Spoken languages

English Luo (Kenya and Tanzania) Swahili

Mentorship motivation

  • I want to give back to the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs coming up

I have committed to mentor 1,000 entrepreneurs in the year 2024, I am doing this because I believe I can help in reshaping the next generation of entrepreneurs. For the longest time entrepreneurs have been made to believe a number of myths that actually is a trap that eventually makes them fail. By being at the forefront of debanking the myths and changing the mindset of entrepreneurs I know that entrepreneurs well be able to start ventures that have impact not only in their lives but also to the community in general.