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Mentor Profile Shady Emad Aphraiam image of

Shady Emad Aphraiam

My name is Shady and I’ve been building an IT Solution company and a Medical Application over the past 4 years. I’m interested in Africa and the Middl…

Mentor Profile Marta Marrucco image of

Marta Marrucco

My experience in the startup field ranges from founding one to working with a growing startup (Seed round) to have worked with a successful one (Serie…

Mentor Profile Daniela Bolivar image of

Daniela Bolivar

Tengo más de 15 años en comunicación, diseño y marketing. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con organizaciones de soporte emprendedor y desde entonces m…

Mentor Profile Robert Muoka Salim image of

Robert Muoka Salim

Hello my name is Robert and I am a Techprenuer, Socialprenuer and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. I lead an award winning team at My Shamba Di…

Mentor Profile Ahmed Mohamed Nour image of

Ahmed Mohamed Nour

I am an experienced startup investment, open innovation, and new business development professional focused on new business expansion, startup sourcing…

Mentor Profile Sanchia Fairweather image of

Sanchia Fairweather

I am an entrepreneur, always strategizing and finding better ways to do things. I have a passion for small business and development, a very important…

Mentor Profile Tsepo Ngwenyama image of

Tsepo Ngwenyama

I am a venture development specialist and programme manager helping scale education technology and social enterprises in Africa. I am passionate about…

Mentor Profile Esaie Tabaro Ntamukunzi image of

Esaie Tabaro Ntamukunzi

I have visited a number of African countries and elaborated on risks which African entrepreneurs face, one of these risks is but not limited to public…

Mentor Profile Joel Patenaude image of

Joel Patenaude

As a young man in the 1980s I lived in Kenya and through my current fintech consulting work, I am active in Guinea and Nigeria. In between I founded …